Terms & Conditions


Terms & conditions

All our work is guaranteed for 90 days providing the security label has not been removed or damaged.

Until payment is received in full, consolerepairsbirmingham.co.uk reserves the right to withhold your console. If after 60 days of repairing your console payment has still not been received, consolerepairsbirmingham.co.uk are authorized to do with it as they see fit in order to redeem losses.

Repaired Items are only guaranteed against the original fault only. Consolerepairsbirmingham.co.uk cannot take responsibility for unrelated faults.

If a repeat fault is found whilst still under warranty, the item will be repaired without any additional charge for parts. Consolerepairsbirmingham.co.uk reserve the right to charge postage and packing on Items repaired under warranty.

Consolerepairsbirmingham.co.uk does Not take any responsibilty for consoles taken apart by other parties before or after being book in for repair.

Having a repair done may void your manufacters warranty.